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Legal Process Service (LPS) has been providing quality service of process since 1982. Originating in Las Vegas, Nevada, LPS has expanded its services to include complete coverage for the state of Nevada, as well as the ability to assist with nationwide and international requests.

LPS provides itself on its knowledgeable staff and commitment to courtesy and service. LPS excels in expedited service requests, especially those “on demand” and “specialty” type requests that can often times prove daunting.

LPS adheres to the rules of civil procedure as dictated by the applicable courts. Committed to excellence, LPS staff is able to assist in support capacity regarding necessary skip trace, due diligence, and alternate service options.

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Legal Process Service specializes in service of process; however, we offer a wide range of legal support services. LPS wants to be your one stop for all your service of process needs. Our legal support services include the following areas of expertise:

Process Service: LPS provides fast, reliable, and effective service of process by our experienced, registered, and bonded process servers. We excel in immediate, priority, and special handling all while adhering to the codes of civil procedure. You can depend on efficient electronic updates and prompt return of your affidavits.

Eviction and Small Claims Services: LPS is fully staffed to handle your eviction and small claims needs; including document preparation, court filings and service of process. LPS is fully knowledgeable of these processes in the various counties throughout the state of Nevada.

Skip Trace/Due Diligence: For those special cases when a service cannot be had due to lack of a current address, our team of experts is ready to assist with a thorough skip trace. Our team works quickly and systematically to locate the party. If all efforts fail, LPS will provide you with a detailed affidavit of Due Diligence which is required by many courts when seeking service via an alternate method.

Court Services: In need of court records or assistance with a filing? LPS can retrieve documents from the court and electronically deliver the records directly to you. Need your documents filed? No problem, LPS offers either “at window” court filing or eFiling, depending on the court’s requirements.

Process Serving Info

What is service of process?

Service of process is the action or procedure by which a person or entity is given legal notice. The term “process” is the general term for the legal document that is being served (delivered). The term most commonly applies to the Summons (a paper that informs a defendant of a lawsuit). However, process can include many types of legal documents, subpoenas, complaints/petitions, orders, motions, writs, etc.

Why choose to use a professional process server?

A key reason for choosing a process server is that they are unbiased individuals with no relationship to the action in question and in most states required to be licensed/registered. They must affirm to their credentials when preparing affidavits.

Process Servers are held to a strong code of ethics and professionalism. Many states (such as Nevada) require that they pass a background check. In Nevada, process servers must be registered and employed by a licensed company. Process serving businesses in Nevada are governed by the Nevada Attorney General, through the Private Investigator’s Licensing Board.

Professional Process Servers must be knowledgeable of the various civil and criminal codes of procedure for the court of jurisdiction. They are required to effect service in accordance with these codes/statutes and must present an accurate affidavit upon completion that will support the service.

What are the most common methods for effecting service of process?

The three (3) most common methods for proper service of process are:

  1. Personal service – Service effected to the named party, by delivery of the documents to that individual and/or delivery to an agent/officer of a business/corporate entity;
  2. Sub Service or Substitute Service – Service c/o a co-resident of the target party. The co-resident must be of suitable age and discretion. Criteria for the co-resident can vary per state. Some courts require that a copy of the Summons and/or full set of the documents also be mailed in the event of substitute service.
  3. Service via publication – This is many times a last choice option. Many courts will require that supporting documentation, such as affidavits of non-service (attempted service) and/or due diligence accompany a plaintiff’s request or motion for service via publication.

There are other possible options for effecting service; however, the 3 noted above are the most common.

What else can a process server do for me?

A process server can be a client’s extra hands and a critical part of their team. LPS is committed to being such a service company. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you and/or to discuss other possible options for effecting service of process.

Process Serving

Whether it is statewide, national or international service, we are here for you! Legal Process Service has earned a reputation as a quality provider of service of process.

More than just process of service, Legal Process Service offers various legal support services in the following areas: skip trace, due diligence, court services, and more.

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